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Truffle Hunting

Truffling Hunting is a Truly Unique Experience

Not many foods are steeped in history and mystery like truffles. From their origins in the ancient forests of Europe to their brave adaption to the harsh Australian climate, truffles have been long considered a famed delicacy.  It is our aim to share with you the experience and wonder of being immersed in the hunt for truffles.

Are you an established culinary genius searching for authentic, Australian-grown, black truffle (Tuber melanosporum)? 

Or a connoisseur of fine dining, hoping to savour a gourmet dish outside the confines of a restaurant?

There is nothing quite like using the truffle you hunted, for the home cook creating your own meal for family and friends will be delightful.  Trust me, you don’t need to be an experienced chef to enjoy black winter truffle.

truffle hunting

Perhaps you are neither of these and are just an explorer seeking to experience black truffle grown in the Southern Tablelands of NSW.

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    Once you start with truffles and discover just how delightful and easy they are, you’ll want to keep searching for more recipes.
    There are many more available on the net and in specialized cook books.