Hunt With Us

Hunt with us, numbers are limited so don’t miss out.

Our aim is to educate people about truffles and just how exciting and delicious they are. There’s nothing quite like the serenity of a crisp winter morning following the experienced truffle dogs in their quest to find the black truffle. Their excitement for the hunt and their reward when they find a truffle odour is a unique sight. Our hunt experience is different to most as we have very few rules , we allow people to participate in digging up the truffles, patting the dogs while they work and getting a personal photo with them at the end, best of all being able purchasing what you dig out of the ground.

Hunts begin at 10am every Saturday or 1pm Sundays during winter. Your guide will explain everything you want to know about truffles, the farm and how we started. Truffles can be mysterious and aloof, hiding snugly. So when the truffle dogs indicate there is a truffle from the odour they are trained to detect, we will venture to the location and, like archaeologists, we gently dig into the ground, tracking the aroma in the soil until we find our black diamond. The illustrious black truffle! The excitement builds as we unearth the ground around it in the hope of finding a black truffle. The aroma is both unique and delightful and, as you gently remove the gem from the earth, the feeling of success is overwhelming. You can’t help but wonder who was the first to find a truffle in such a way and decide to eat this delicacy.

Truffle hunts are $99 per head and include a variety of snacks containing truffle after the hunt. Children under 5 are free (however aren’t catered for), ages 5 to 12 are only $45 when accompanied by a full paying adult.

Numbers are limited to 20 adults so bookings are essential. All activities are conducted outside to allow social distancing. Private hunts can be arranged, however do have a minimum charge, please contact us for more information.

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior, enjoy a coffee or tea while we gather your group. There is ample parking on the property as public transport is not available.

This is a walking tour outside on our rural 10 acre truffiere so closed-in shoes along with appropriate warm winter clothing is required. For elderly or disabled persons, please let us know and we can arrange transport to the truffiere.

Umbrellas may also be an idea as hunts continue in all weather conditions. In order for everybody to enjoy the hunt and for the safety of all participants, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Don’t despair, if our hunt can’t go ahead because the weather is too bad, we will provide you with a gift voucher for another time so you won’t miss out.


  • Visiting our truffiere

    Once you start with truffles and discover just how delightful and easy they are, you’ll want to keep searching for more recipes.
    There are many more available on the net and in specialized cook books.