Pigs vs Dogs

Every season we get asked “don’t pigs usually find truffles”? Well yes, that was how it was done many many years ago and I imagine how people worked out that you could eat this delicacy that has a rather unusual shape and look.

In 2021 we introduced our mini pig “Truffle”, however with Covid lockdowns she didn’t get the training she required. Due to biosecurity issues we don’t encourage people to handle Truffle, however she will follow us to the Truffiere in the hope there may be a treat after we’ve finished. She has learnt to sit, although can be a bit stubborn at times.

She loves to snooze.

  • Visiting our truffiere

    Once you start with truffles and discover just how delightful and easy they are, you’ll want to keep searching for more recipes.
    There are many more available on the net and in specialized cook books.